The Receptacle Refugees

A refugee camp for all the naysayers, disagreers and disgruntled hooligans who were left stranded and without shelter when the TS4 Receptacle closed. Essentially, the Receptacle is a haven for those who feel wronged by our beloved simulation franchise.

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Tricky Tweaks aka Mods

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MTS didn't want them, unless I jumped through a burning hoop while juggling raw eggs, so you'll get them here.

This is the last set of rabbithole override mods and contains tunings for the three rabbithole types that came with the Store.

Contents list:
✓ Skydiving Center (Ford set)
new combo rabbitholes:
✓ Bookstore/Bistro (Monte Vista)
✓ Military/Police (Monte Vista, Dragon Valley, Aurora Skies, Midnight Hollow)

As usual each file comes in two flavours: v1 only changes map tag behaviour, v2 additionally allows to purchase lots on which a rabbithole is placed - if the lot is purchasable in the first place.


"Skull ring, remember?"

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